Happy Drêche

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Who are we ?

Happy Drêche is a Lillois association that decided to take on the waste of a city ressource: brewer’s spent grain.

We collect and transform microbreweries’ spent grain and incorporate it into our healthy and local gourmet recipes !

Brewer’s spent grain, what is it?

Brewing cereals, mostly malted barley, is the first step of brewing beer. The cereals are brewed in a tank filled with hot water, this process activates the enzymes that will transform the starch from the grain into sugar. When the process is finished, the brewer retrieves the sugary liquid called wort that will become beer after the fermentation process later on. Brewer’s spent grain is the solid residue left behind. A true fibre, protein, vitamin and amino acid concentrate. In summary, brewer’s spent grain is very healthy food that would be much better off in our plates rather than in the trash.

Why do we waste it?

In the countryside, brewer’s spent grain is generally used by farmer’s to feed their livestock. In the city, it is much more difficult to find a use for it. It is treated as organic waste and often ends up in the urban collection system. This represents both an economic toll on breweries and an ecological toll on all of us, because often, brewer’s spent grain ends up being buried or burnt.

Our goals

  • On an environmental level : fight against the waste of an unknown ressource.
  • On a social level : On a social level: work with organisations offering work to people who are distant from it (partnerships with work aid institutions).
  • On an economical level : create value with this ressource and redistribute it fairly among the local agents.

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